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"Note : This is the new commercial address of Frame Straight System.

Label shipment as indicated below to avoid packages being mis-directed to the old address"

Rohn Jon's

3301 Louisville Rd.

Louisville, Tn.


Phone #'s

800-846-1306    or    586-246-4500

Please, Read this Important  Shipping  Information


  •  Ship in a proper container, with ample room for packing material.

  •  The returned shipment will be in the same container.

  •  If we feel container is not suitable, we will supply one that will protect our work on your finished wheel or part, @ additional cost. 

  • "Remove Tire"   "Remove rotors"   or we will, @ additional charge!!!!

  •  Leave the bearings in the wheel. Please Don't send small wheel spacers or loose parts.

  • Click on  this..    >>>> "Information / Packing Slip" <<<<<  and Print , include it with shipment.  Contact info, return shipping and E-mail 

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