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Disk Brake Rotors or Drums Repair

By Frame Straight 

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Brake Rotors , Carriers and Brake Drums


  • Bent

  • Warped

  • Surface Damage

  • Pulsing Brakes

Example of a Semi Float Rotor  .032" to a Pre finish grind TIR  of .002"

Finish grind will be less than .001"


Dial  Indicator Resolution .01mm / .0004"

Rotors and carriers, Full/Semi Floater or fixed .. Can be straightened and re-surfaced as needed.

Brake Rotor and Break Drum Repair  $10.00 to $80.00 ea.

Final cost to repair depends on repair time.

Rotor work finished weekly, 1 to 8 day turnaround

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