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Spoke wheel lacing and truing can be a time consuming and frustrating proposition for the inexperienced.

Frame Straight offers a solution for spoke wheel  dent repair, re-lacing , restorations or  simple true and tune.


First, the spoke wheel is trued in the traditional way.

Once the rim is true and the spokes are uniformly tightened.

 The wheel is put through a second inspection and trued to an even tighter tolerance.

 We use the same equipment needed to true 

cast alloy wheels .000 to .004" TIR

Old school  wire spoke wheels meet today's technology. 

Frame Straight is raising the bar once again.

Our goal,  is to provide a high level of precision

for the repair and adjustment of wire spoke motorcycle wheels.

Accuracy as good as .04 mm / .002"  T.I.R.

21"  wheel, rim replaced, re laced and trued

Click here for more Before and After Video examples


A beautiful Benelli restoration, by Tom Clark

Thanks again . The wheels are smooth and straight. I didn't even balance them , and they ride very nice . 

I wont use anyone else in the future , and will drop your name whenever I can .                                  
Tom Clark                                                                                                                                                                         

                        Repair Pricing

                        Effective 1/1/2019

                                                LACE & TRUE MOTORCYCLE WHEEL   better than .015"            $130.00

                                                LACE & TRUE MOTORCYCLE WHEEL better than .004"              $160.00

                                                LOOSE LACE MOTORCYCLE WHEEL                                           $25.00

                                                TRUE WHEEL  better than .015"                                                      $130.00

                                                TRUE WHEEL better than .004"                                                       $160.00

                                                WELDING and MACHINING                                                            $60.00

                                                STRAIGHTEN Rim and TRUE WIRE WHEEL                                 $130 to $200

                                                TUNE and TRUE a Lose Laced WHEEL                                           $100.00

                                                DISASSEMBLE WIRE SPOKE WHEEL                                           $35.00


Prices based on new or used in excellent condition spoke ,nipples ,and rim.

Rust and corrosions , seized nipples will add to overall cost ,

depending on time needed to correct the condition

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 Professional Refinishing Available

Plating, Paint, Powder and Ceramic Coat, Alum polishing

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