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Motorcycle Wheel Repair

Aluminum/Magnesium/Spun Alum.


Frame Straight

                  Kawasaki 636, shown below, re-repaired by Frame Straight T.I.R . .002" / .05mm

Frame Straight delivers precision wheel repair,

 Day after day, wheel after wheel.

Tolerances as good as .000" to .004" T.I.R.

.00 mm  to   0.1mm

See the difference for yourself ....

(Dial Indicator res. .01mm/ .0004"  per line)   

  Kawasaki 636 repaired by an other wheel repair shop   T.I.R. .014" / 0.35mm

The other MC wheel repair shop's best work "Claims"

by some to be as good as Frame Straight

In reality

Total Indicated Run out will vary

.014" /.35mm   to  .025" /.64mm 

 or  worse

Factory Spec. as much as .080" / 2 .0 mm

Note, Factory Spec. Used by manufactures to avoid warranty issues.

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We will surprise you...

         Before you trust your wheel to any repair shop ...

     Phone them and ask some simple questions.....

  • " What is your guaranteed finished tolerance or T.I.R. ?"  

Total indicated run out, using a Dial indicator for precision measurement, Frame Straight uses Dial gages .01mm/.0004" resolution

  • " Will the repair process leave any tooling marks on the wheel ? " 

Frame Straight repairs will leave "No Tooling Marks", No dings, No nicks , No impression in the metal of the wheel.

  • If the wheel repair needs welding, can you? and if so, will the welded wheel be a machined finish ?

All welded repairs at Frame Straight are machined to insure the wheels original profile and proper tire seating.

I hear it almost everyday from customers that ask these questions....

These are some  replies that I've been told about,  then:   With our response....

"We guarantee your MC wheel to be factory spec." : Factory Spec. is always the absolute "Max" Outer Limit ...Before the Dumpster

"We get your motorcycle wheel to around ...   .014" to .020",  you don't need better than that"  :  Yah' Right !...if you ride at 35 mph.

  ...."The MC tire isn't that accurate" :  Maybe? , but consider this,  the tire will ware as true as the wheel there mounted on, 

and balance better..  FYI   Today's  tire manufacturing technologies are producing tire tolerances of better than .1 mm run out. 

" I can't fix this."  This wheel could probably be made straight(er) but never made safe.  :  Well, the first part is accurate, they couldn't.

"Welding a crack in a wheel is not safe.":  All cast MC wheels start life as molten metal, and with

today's welding technology and alloy fill material, the weld up is stronger than the base material, 

 we also heat treat and hardness test to insure proper metal temper. 

"Our  $ price to repair your wheel is less than Frame Straight" :  This ones my Favorite, and I have to say...." You'll get what you pay for."  

Be sure to read their fine print, I've seen half the quality at twice our price..

So Think About It , Isn't it worth having absolute precision and peace of mind....?

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Wire Spoke Wheel Building & Repair    

Professional Refinishing 

Plating, Paint, Powder and Ceramic Coat, Alum polishing

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