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High Accuracy Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine

At Frame Straight we inspect all our work ,before and after, with the Faro CMM .

Our thanks to the Faro organization, 

Great people , incredible  product's .....

"" You can count on them ,.. we do""    Rp


If you are looking for anything motorcycle related, look no further.....

Motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, motorcycle clothing, helmets, accessory reviews and more!

A planet full of motorcycles, accessories, product reviews, tech articles and more!


Rick Korchak and his team are the best at keeping up with our fast changing industry.

My personal thanks to Rick for his quick responses to our requests for 

Frame straight System's Info updates... You guys rock!   Rp


Motorcycle Wheel Widening


We 'invented' the weld-up wheel; and, in order to make a great product even better, we have completely upgraded the tooling to widen wheels. By utilizing new machining and welding fixtures, we can offer a better product and better turnaround time. We can widen your 17" wheel to accommodate newer style rubber. Wheels can be widened by .75" minimum to 1.5-2.0" maximum, for additional cost we can often go as wide as 10-10.5" depending on wheel. We can also change the diameter. If you want to put an 18" slick on your 17" wheel, we can increase the width and diameter of your wheel. Minimum width increase on this modification is 1.5".

  • WHL-WUP        $425.00
  • Add $70.00 for diameter increase
  • Add $75.00 for asymmetrical offset
  • Add $100.00 for additional width beyond 2", subject to feasibility

Please call us so we can provide a Weld-up information form before sending your wheel.

       "We have repaired a few Kosman modified wheels over the years, I am very impressed with the quality of there work, if this is for you, Kosman is the best."    Rp

Also check out Kosman's complete line of Frames ,Wheels, and Specialty Accessories ....

       Guy Martin's reputation for Ducati performance precedes him.   A tireless worker and consummate achiever.   Guys revolutionary and  innovative valve shim collet system,  for Ducati twins ,  replaces the stock  valve retainer split ring  and  extends the valve shim adjustment cycle from 6000 miles to 18000 miles.  

 Better tolerance consistency,  less  ware on all related valve train components.


Performance Plus Reliability

Click on the MBP logo, and visit the Martin Brickwood Web Site for the full story.                          

                       Stock                    Martin Brickwood Performance                

Alex Ortner's                                                      

A true renaissance man, a thinker,    Alex can create beautifully functional motorcycle components from T6, Titanium , Magnesium , Carbon Fiber or any other material of this earth. Alex is the principal designer and prototyping source behind the after market parts giant......

" Cycle Cat ".    http://www.cyclecat.com/  


You owe it to yourself to check out Alex's creations , visit him at..........


"Turn your Dreams, . . . into Reality"

Special thanks to Alex for all you do to help support Frame Straight System, our racing efforts and me , with those to numerous to mention projects.....   R.p.

Rob and Christina DePiazza  pool their creative talents together, to bring  your best business face forward for your customers. 

Well versed in the art or screen printing and can produce full color vinyl transfer lettering,  stickers, posters,  buttons, etc.  Check them for all your promotional printing needs.

Click on there logo, visit and tell em' Ron sez's HEY!

F.Y.I.       Rob is also an avid sport bike enthusiast, covering road and track. Ducati his favorite ride. 

  Rob did me a great service this year  at the Daytona 200  , when another printing company failed to deliver.

Rob, I can't thank you enough, it would have sucked without my business cards....You saved my ass....and a lot of time.....  R.p.

Bad Dog


Bike Lift has the best built Hydraulic Motorcycle Tech-lift systems in the world, the best I've used in my 35 years of experience.

 You won't be disapointed"......  R.p.

Quality     Strength    Performance

Available in many configuration.

Click the Logo, and see em' all

Check out there motorcycle stands, and wheel balancers.


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