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 Motorcycle Wheel Repair Pricing

  Frame Straight

 $130.00 to $160.00

$ Amount will vary with amount and complexity of damage

Wheels over 20" diameter or over 7" wide add $20.00

When the wheel is cracked, cracks during repair, or road rashed

 and requires welding and machining:

Aluminum Welding, truing, and  machining add    $40.00

Magnesium Welding, truing, and machining add  $50.00 

Repairs left unpaid are subject to weekly storage fee of $15.00 per week, beginning two weeks from completion.

Unpaid repairs left over 30 days is considered abandoned and will be scraped or sold.

 Repair turn around time varies with season

 and will not include shipping time, contact us for the latest up date.

An important note about Time to Repair, "Turn around time"

Frame Straight may have longer turnaround times  than other repair shops ...

 the reason,  obvious.

The  precision and high quality of our work has places Frame Straight in high demand.

We approach every repair from you , as if it is our own...

... "  Not rushed and  without compromise  "

(Remember it's  .000" to .004" finished run out)

We will accommodate everyone, if you really .......

Need a Quick Repair ? 

or , when  faster delivery time is needed to meet Race Schedule, Vacation Planes, Track Days, Rallies, etc.

Use our    Expedited Repair Service      ( ERS )

Contact us before you ship,  and receive special instructions...

There will be an additional charge added to the repair cost.... (example. 30% ERS 5) $140.00 x 1.3= $182.00 


30 %  Service charge for 5 to 7  day turnaround (ERS 5)

40%  Service charge for 3 to 4 day turnaround (ERS 3)

50%  Service charge for 1 to 2 Day turnaround (ERS 1)

60%   Service charge for same day in ,out (ERS 0)

80% Service charge for while you wait service.

150%    Service charge ... If you Watch ?

200%    Service charge ... If you Help ?


  • Days for turnaround time are counted from when wheel is received.

  •  All Expedited Repair's are completed after normal work hours or weekends.

  • Payment is requested prior to completion of work, then shipped within 3 to 48 Hours after payment is cleared.  Not applied to ERS 0 service.

  • Repairs left unpaid are subject to weekly storage fee of $15.00 per week, beginning two weeks from completion.

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